CityHallWatch’s top 25 posts of 2014

CHW_Twitter_logos_07_V3_400CityHallWatch is entirely volunteer run and aims to provide tools for citizens to be engaged with and have access to Vancouver City Hall. We gladly accept input from many sources. In 2014 we made 530 new posts, well over an average of one per day. Below are our 25 most-read posts in 2014 (they include some that were published the previous year).

  1. Concord land on False Creek assessed at $1: Joke or reality? (Answer: No joke!)
  2. City of Vancouver online staff directory, Quickfind
  3. Election 2014 debates (listing of candidates’ meetings/debates)
  4. Supreme Court CANY vs CoV. On trial: The integrity of Vancouver City Hall (secret land swap at 508 Helmcken & 1099 Richards)
  5. Guide to Searching 2014 BC Assessment property records
  6. Province’s sale of family and seniors’ housing in Downtown Eastside opposed by residents
  7. 100 social housing units in former Biltmore Hotel at 395 Kingsway
  8. Rezoning defined
  9. Commercial parking continues at Concord’s Creekside site despite City ban. Large Signs violate bylaw.
  10. Funeral this Sunday for an affordable rooming house: 1723 Napier Street (off Commercial)
  11. Vancouver election parties/candidates: Are you sure you really want to do that? A word before you file 2014 election nomination papers
  12. Voter suppression on Vancouver’s East Side in lead-up to November 2014 election?
  13. Dates and times of mayoral election debates (Toronto), for comparison with Vancouver
  14. City of Vancouver – Development Applications – Snapshots (example Jan 2014)
  15. Westbank’s Ian Gillespie targets world’s wealthy with ‘52-storey sculpture’ Vancouver House. But is City Hall getting a fair deal for Vancouver citizens?
  16. Campaign contributions (2011 election)
  17. Vancouver’s East-West divide, population density, political clout, and deeper issues at City Hall
  18. Vision Vancouver by the numbers
  19. Two senior planners resign from the City of Vancouver: Analysis and questions
  20. Westbank Shangri-La “done deal”? Oakridge Centre, First Baptist Church, B.I.G. Telus Garden and more
  21. Humble food stand on Kits Beach ends up controlled by billion-dollar private Texas company. How did this happen?
  22. Post-Truth Vancouver
  23. Demolition and construction: Neighbourhood impacts, the Vancouver Building Bylaw, recycling
  24. EcoDensity Policy undermined planning in Vancouver: Wendy Sarkissian
  25. BC’s Unfair Elections Act: Top 10 list of what is wrong with Bill 20. (No spending limits, no ban on corporate/union donations, but longer terms for municipal politicians, and more)

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