Central Valley “Junkway”? Or “Greenway”? Should the City clean it up in 2015?

Is there simply too much junk along the Central Valley Greenway? We’ve documented in photos the stretch along the route from Victoria Drive to Boundary Road, and compare with the Burnaby side of the route.

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Dumped couch

This couch was dumped along the bikeway across from the Rupert Street Skytrain station in October. The City of Vancouver still has not removed it (as of this writing), two months later.

Can Vancouver do better than this? One only needs to cross Boundary Road and see the Burnaby side of the bikeway. It’s much cleaner. Even the “Welcome to Vancouver” sign on Boundary Road has also fallen into disrepair. Is there a trend in Vancouver with more and more junk on the streets, on bikeways and everywhere in general? Some people get that impression. Will the City literally start a clean up? What strategies are needed to prevent dumping in the first place? And how can the City act more quickly once something is dumped? Is the City monitoring regularly and frequently enough? Or does it depend on complaints from citizens? What is the role of the public in making this a nicer place?

Here’s a photo from the Burnaby section of the Central Valley Greenway. Compare: Burnaby

2 thoughts on “Central Valley “Junkway”? Or “Greenway”? Should the City clean it up in 2015?

  1. Well, apart from that couch, the rest of the stuff is the detritus of the homeless in their journeys across the city. I don’t know that there’s much to be done about that form of “dumping” except simply to send a crew out once a month and clean up. And for the couch? Well, there will always be selfish people we’re forced to share the planet with. Unless someone catches them in the act, they’ll always get away with it. Even if dump fees were dropped to zero, there would still be some dumping on city streets.

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