“Top story” and “most under-reported” civic stories of 2014? CityHallWatch asks readers.

MP900439239CityHallWatch is inviting readers to send in their ideas for the Vancouver civic scene’s “top story” and most “under-reported story” of the year 2014.

Top story” : What story captures the essence of Vancouver’s civic scene? Who was a game-changer? Was there a turning point? Who or what had the greatest influence on City Hall and the civic scene? Was there something that defines Vancouver and will stand out in history? It could be any story from mainstream or alternative media.

Most under-reported story” : Mainstream media don’t catch everything. What story of 2014 could be up there in the list of top stories of the year, but got little or no coverage in the mainstream media?

You may wish to browse our archives (bottom right column) for ideas.

Tweet us at @cityhallwchvan or e-mail us at citizenYVR@gmail.com. We’ll compile input and publish our findings in January 2015. People can then indicate their votes.

Input received

Top story” :


Most under-reported story” :

From @lavrys: Irregularities and deficiencies of Vancouver’s municipal election.

3 thoughts on ““Top story” and “most under-reported” civic stories of 2014? CityHallWatch asks readers.

  1. Most under reported; Scott Hein’s departure from city hall, which may not be reportable, and the REAL story behind the GW plan(s)?

  2. Vancouver School Board bans dad with sec. 177 of the schools act from his children after he complains about school principals bad behavior. (intimidation) Georgia Straight News reports the ban and within days the VSB quickly retracts the sec.177 ban. Then dad wants sec.177 amended and starts a online petition. The petition grows with FOI information and exposes key people within Vision Vancouver which includes Patti Bacchus days before she is ousted from top school trustee position. A gold mine of information within this very detailed story of very very sorted details that are too complex for media attention at present. https://www.change.org/p/vancouver-school-board-177-order-immediately-remove-the-section-177-of-the-school-act-put-on-me-by-maureen-ciarniello-dated-november-28-2012-fully-explain-why-it-was-put-in-place

  3. Most under-reported story to me
    The July 4th fireworks at 10 PM in Burrard Inlet that woke up anyone on the north side of the downtown/DTES, and even I had friends in North Vancouver complain about them.

    They were the loudest fireworks I’ve ever heard in my decade living in this area. They were never announced. No post on the City Of Vancouver website about them. After many hours, over a week, of calling COV, Port & the VCC about who was responsible for this building shaking spectacle…. NOT ONE PERSON from any of these places claims to know who was responsible for them…or isn’t admitting it.

    People with pets weren’t warned this was coming, people with small children or babies that would likely have been asleep at the time weren’t warned. People who had to work early the next day did not know. People who may suffer from PTSD were given no warning. NONE of these people, along with the rest of the public knew this was coming. The only people who MAY have enjoyed the unannounced assault on their eyes & ears were those in immediate vicinity of the convention centre that evening.

    Outside of a lot of tweets that night, none of the TV, radio or print media seemed to remembered this the next day as there was nothing anywhere about the “surprise fireworks”

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