Do Park Board Commissioners need a raise?

New Park BoardThe Vancouver Sun reported that Mayor Robertson asked for a review of City Council pay and benefits on December 8, 2014. But is it really Park Board Commissioners who are most in need of a raise?

The Park Board salaries and expenses webpage shows the following pay scale:

Chair: $10,000 per year
Board Member: $8,000 per year

Expenses (non-taxable)
Chair: $5,000
Board Member: $4,000 

In contrast, the base salary for a City Councillor is $67,994 this year. In reality, the actual pay scale (with expenses) last year for the four City Councillors earning the least was $74,503 (Affleck), $77,303 (Carr), $77,414 (Ball) and $81,323 (Tang). The remaining six Councillors received from $90,801 (Stevenson) to $124,388 (Louie) from the City of Vancouver and from Metro Vancouver (further details are here).

Are Park Board Commissioners underpaid? Are they even receiving a living wage for their hours on park board business? Vancouver’s elected Park Board frees up City Council from having to deal with many parks and recreation related issues. Vancouver has always had 10 City Councillors. Duties at Park Board require more than merely part time work; it’s could be full time job. The low remuneration attached with Park Board could discourage people from running for this office, though they may have much to offer to the post. Before raising the pay for City Council, should the City first conduct a review of the pay for Park Board Commissioners?


Vancouver mayor orders review of council’s pay, benefits –  Gregor Robertson suggests roles have become more demanding (Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun, Dec 8, 2014)

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