Inaugural Park Board Meeting Monday, Dec 1st at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Van Dusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden, venue for Park Board inaugural meeting, Monday, December 1st at 7pm (5251 Oak St)

The incoming Park Board will hold its inaugural meeting on Monday, December 1st at 7pm at the VanDusen Botanical Garden (5251 Oak Street). This meeting will be largely ceremonial; however, important items of business will be the selection of the Chair of Park Board of and the Vice Chair. Our predictions: John Coupar for Chair and Sarah Kirby-Yung for Vice Chair.

Park Board members elected Nov 15, 2014

There are many new faces on the Park Board. John Coupar is the only Commissioner returning from the 2011-2014 board. He’ll be joined by Stuart Mackinnon, who held office from 2008 to 2011. All of the remaining 5 Commissioners are new to office (Casey Crawford, Catherine Evans, Sarah Kirby-Yung, Erin Shum, and Michael Wiebe).

Park Board HQThere is a lot of new business on the new Park Board’s agenda. Likely one of the first items will be to make peace with the Community Centre Associations that the previous Park Board majority tried to evict. This board will have have representation from 3 parties, which should help provide more diversity in opinion (breakdown: 4 NPA, 2 Green, 1 Vision). A number of items including the Trout Lake Master Plan, the Marpole Community Centre, the proposed Killarney Seniors Centre and the Hillcrest and Riley Parks Master Plans will likely need attention soon.

Will the new Park Board hold meetings in communities across Vancouver? A number of previous Park Boards alternated meeting venues around the City, as shown below:

Park Board 2006 meeting venues

We’ve reproduced the full agenda below:




Monday, December 1, 2014
7:00 pm
VanDusen Botanical Garden
Visitor Centre, 5251 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4


2011 – 2014 BOARD


  1. Park Board Committee Meeting – October 27, 2014
  2. Regular Board Meeting – November 24, 2014


Commissioner Jasper to report on past year’s operations.


1.        Malcolm Bromley, General Manager, to make a presentation to 2011-14 Commissioners.


The Chair concludes this portion of the meeting.

* * * * *

2014 – 2018 BOARD

1.         OATH OF OFFICE

The General Manager to read the election returns advising that: John Coupar, Casey Crawford, Catherine Evans, Sarah Kirby-Yung, Stuart Mackinnon, Erin Shum, and Michael Wiebe received the highest number of votes and were declared Commissioners-elect for the years 2014 – 2018.

Janice MacKenzie, City Clerk, to administer the Oath of Office to the Commissioners-elect.


The following are excerpts from the Board’s Procedure By-law sections 3 and 4:

The General Manager shall convene the inaugural meeting of the Board at 7:00pm on the first Monday in December after the election of Board members.

The General Manager shall call the first Board meeting of the year to order and conduct the meeting for election of the Chair or until an acting chair is appointed.  The General Manager shall proceed in the same manner whenever the chair is vacant until the Board fills the vacancy.

The presiding officer of the Board shall be its Chair who shall be elected by a majority vote from among the Board members present.

If a tie vote occurs, the General Manager shall remove from the ballot the nominee who received the lowest number of votes.  The Board members shall then repeat the same procedure of ballot voting and removal from the ballot of the nominee who received the lowest number of votes until they have elected the Chair.

If a Chair is not elected at the first meeting, the Board shall appoint an acting Chair who shall conduct the Board’s meetings until a Chair is elected.

The term of the Chair commences on the date of the election as Chair and terminates on the date of the first meeting in December next ensuing or, if in the last year of a term of office as a member of the Board, at the end of the term of office.

If the office of Chair becomes vacant, the Board shall forthwith elect a new Chair on the basis herein described.

The Chair shall vote on all questions submitted and shall have the same rights and be subject to the same restrictions on participating in debate as other members of the Board.



The following excerpt is from the Board’s Procedure By-law section 5:

There shall be a Vice Chair elected in the same manner and for the same term as the Chair.  The Chair shall preside during the election of the Vice Chair.

When the Chair is unable to carry out all or any of the duties of the presiding officer, the Vice Chair of the Board or in the absence of the Vice Chair, such other appointed Board members, shall act for the Chair until such time as the Board makes other arrangements.

If the office of Vice Chair becomes vacant, the Board shall forthwith elect a new Vice Chair on the basis herein described.

5.         Year 2015 Board Meeting Dates

The Board to approve the Year 2015 Board meeting dates.

Note: Will the Board alternate venues and hold meetings in different communities around Vancouver?

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, December 15, 2014

* * * * *

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