Thought for the day: Politicians are like diapers.


“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.”
Mark Twain

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CityHallWatch comments
(Jan 2021):
We revive this quote again today as food for thought. Vancouver has steadily stretched out the terms of office for City Council. Years ago it was two years, then three, and now four. This reduces democracy and makes our elected officials less accountable to the public. A shift back to three years might not be a bad thing. Or how about electing half of Council every two years?

(Sep 2014):
How did it come about that politicians gave themselves an extra year in power. (Incumbent mayor Gregor Robertson asked the Provincial government to increase the term to four years starting with the 2014 election. And got it, allowing him to survive in office til 2018.) The origins of this push for the increased are still murky. See our post: Whodunnit mystery of abrupt shift to four-year civic election cycles in BC: LMLGA knows who started it.(24-Sept-2014)

One thought on “Thought for the day: Politicians are like diapers.

  1. Vancouver was never so democratic as when we had city elections every year, with wards, and no parties. Time to go back to that situation.

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