$4.5 million in donations declared so far: Vision & NPA get lion’s share of campaign contributions

2014 Pre-election donations
Five of the political parties fielding candidates in the 2014 Vancouver civic election voluntarily released their lists of donors about a week prior to the election. Here we summarize the data published so far, and provide links to each party’s donor list.

A total of $4,520,006 combined has been declared. When combined, the donations for Vision Vancouver and the NPA accounted for 96.4% or $4.35 million of all declared contributions. The other three elector organizations (COPE, Green, One City) combined only accounted for 3.6% of the declared contributions, or $161,462. Large corporate donors account for the largest part of both Vision Vancouver’s and the NPA’s campaign contributions.
2014 Bar Graph Pre election contributions

There are will be more campaign contributions to account for. Vision’s reporting period was from January 1, 2014 – October 31, 2014. The NPA (Civic Non Partisan Association) donation list included figures until November 4, 2014. Only the Green Party of Vancouver released the donations given to both the individual campaigns of their candidates and for their party (the figure shown in the charts includes all of the donations to Green Party and their candidates).

The Cedar Party, Vancouver 1st and Public Education Project have not released their lists of donors, nor have any of the independent candidates published their donors.


The NPA released their donors list as a spreadsheet file, which makes it much easier for people to search for information. This is available on their website here.

This is in contrast to Vision, which embedded the data in a PDF format that could not be searched. Chad Skelton of the Vancouver Sun extracted the data from Vision’s Vancouver donors list and made this available online (full article here)

Unlike the Green Party, Vision’s declaration, does not include Mayor Robertson’s, Geoff Meggs’ or any of the other candidates’ campaigns.

Green Party of Vancouver list (party & candidates)

COPE list

One City list

2 thoughts on “$4.5 million in donations declared so far: Vision & NPA get lion’s share of campaign contributions

  1. Good post and good charts, developer parties are drowning in donations. Good vangreens was only party honest enough to disclose donations to candidates, too bad they like others hid 2012 & 2013 #darkmoney donations from voters.

    But this is factually incorrect. “Five of the political parties fielding candidates in the 2014 Vancouver civic election voluntarily released their lists of donors about a week prior to the election. ” Not true.

    4 of the 5 only release one of the 3 years of money they’ve gathered since the last election, 2014 only vs #darkmoney raised in 2012 & 2013. 4 parties released one third of their years of donations and refused to tell voters the other 2 years would be more accurate.

    Legally npa, vision, vangreens & cope can hide 2 years of donations from voters, but morally and if they were really transparent as they all claim to be, they would release all 3 years before election day.

    One city is so new they don’t have more than one year of donations but one city is the first and so far the ONLY party that’s publicly promised to be really transparent vs partially transparent and release their list of donations yearly & called on all the other parties to do the right thing and release details of their 2 years of #darkmoney. None of the other 4 older parties have promised to do either of those.

    Gregor Robertson, Kirk LaPointe & Meena Wong all promised voters to release all 3 years of donations on #cknwdebate wed nov 5 during the 1-2pm time slot see my ? to them and their answers at 23 min 30 seconds in on the cknw soundcloud.

    Gregor broke his promise the next day when he only release one year vs 3. Kirk broke his promise the next day, they guy who claimed ““I have said transparency is my policy hill to die on and so it is only right that our party follows through and discloses our campaign donor list before the election.” yet he didn’t die and he refused to release all 3 years of npa donation. How many other election promises will they break?

    Frances Bula estimated both vision & npa got around $2million donations in darkmoney each & $2 million each in money they disclosed. See
    bit.ly/1vD2suf then click on “see more” to see her answer to my ? about dark money.

    So half of their funds npa & vision apparently raised last elxn cycle we don’t know who paid for.

    Did chevron, kindermorgan or any koch brothers front groups give npa $20k, $200k or $2million in dark money? Maybe. Maybe not. We don’t know, they refuse to tell us. Same with vision & all other parties

    Hope Cope’s Meena Wong doesn’t break her word too.

    Still no word from vangreens about their darkmoney. It obviously won’t be as much as developer parties but we Vancouver citizens deserve to know who is funding ALL our politicians and political parties.

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