Schlenker v Torgrimson, 2013 BCCA 9: A case about conflicts of interest of elected officials

City Hall at nightWe are posting links to this legal case here as a handy reference for citizens of British Columbia, and may add and refer to it later.  The case relates to conflicts of interest of elected officials at the municipal level. For people interested in civic affairs, it is worth a read and keeping in mind.

B.C Court of Appeal

On appeal from: Supreme Court of British Columbia, January 13, 2012
(Schlenker v. Torgrimson, 2012 BCSC 41, Victoria Docket 11-4036)

Two elected officials, the respondents, voted to authorize the Local Trust Committee for Salt Spring Island to enter into and pay $4,000 each for two contracts with societies of which they were directors. The judgement is an interesting read.


The public is disadvantaged by the conflict, whether the respondents derived any personal gain
or not, because the public did not have the undivided loyalty of their elected officials.
(Schlenker v. Torgrimson, 2013 BCCA 9)

Law firm Fulton and Company LLP has a three page summary of the case.

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