Jericho Lands Sale Imminent. Video and initial report from Town Hall Meeting (July 15)

jericho lands sign
On the hot summer evening, the room was standing room only. It was a Town Hall meeting on July 15, 2014 held to shed light on the impending sales and development of the Jericho Garrison Lands. This is an initial report, with video. More will come separately.
packed Town Hall

MP Joyce Murray‘s office organized the meeting at St. Helen’s Anglican Church. Also invited to speak at the event were MLA David Eby and architect Michael Geller. A round of questions and answers followed the presentations.

The most important revelation was the plan for the Canada Lands Company (CLC) to be the developer of the site. The Canada Lands Company intends to purchase the property from the Department of Defence at full market value, minus costs to clean up and prepare the site. Profits from incrementally developing the site would flow back to the federal treasury. The full presentation by MP Joyce Murray has additional details on the impending sale and the proposed development timeline:

MLA David Eby presented history of the site and he spoke about his attempts to get details about the development plans. The BC Government is also considering selling the land west of the federal site, at a future date:

Architect Michael Geller explored other large scale site developments in BC and Canada:

We’ll be releasing additional details and analysis of comments from this meeting soon. Please check back for additional details.

Jericho Lands

How big is the Jericho Garrison property? Here’s a comparison with the Little Mountain Housing site:Compare Scale

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