East Fraserlands Town Square, Parcel development at UDP June 18, 2014. Land previously a woodlot.

Agenda - Urban Design Panel: 2014 Jun 18
The Urban Design Panel has only one item on its agenda for June 18, 2014 at City Hall. The East Fraser Lands Workshop will discuss the CD-1 spot zoning and the “evolving design for East Fraser Lands Area 1 Town Square and Parcels 15, 16.1, 17, and 18.1.”

[Updated] The illustration in the agenda (reproduced above) shows that land earmarked for development was a woodlot. This is in stark contrast to the barren land south of East Kent Avenue. It may seem a little ironic that the City of Vancouver recently passed a tree removal bylaw and has a “greenest city” policy in place, yet the City approved clear-cutting a section of forest.

The workshop will begin at 4:15pm and members of the public are welcome to observe the panel’s discussions.

The following firms will be represented at the meeting: PWL Partnership (Margot Long and Chris Sterry for the Town Square), Parcel 15: GBL Architects (Stu Lyon), Parcels 16.1/18.1: Yamamoto Architecture (Taizo Yamamoto), Parcel 17: IBI Group (Martin Bruckner). In 2013, PWL Partnership received $182,349 worth of contracts from the City of Vancouver.

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