Grand Opening Demo at Vancouver Aquarium on Tuesday June 10th at 5pm

Dolphin AquariumCityHallWatch is passing this notice on as a public service announcement from No Whales In Captivity.

Grand Opening Demonstration
outside the Vancouver Aquarium
Tuesday June 10 @ 5:00pm

Join us on Tuesday, June 10th from 5-7 pm as we return to the aquarium for a demonstration that coincides with their invite-only Grand Opening Celebration. In attendance will be local politicians, local media personalities and influencers, and aquarium board members, donors & key supporters.

This is our chance to reach all of these people with our message of compassion, caring and freedom for all cetaceans!Protest at the Aquarium June 10

YOUR CHALLENGE: To help us build upon the incredible success of Empty The Tanks (OVER 350 PROTESTORS!!!), we’re asking each of you to bring ONE friend with you who wasn’t at Empty The Tanks. Let’s keep the momentum going!!!

(Note that the aquarium is not publicly advertising their event).

The Facebook event page has additional information on the demonstration.

Further details are at and

Dolphin Show

Contact information is below:

No Whales In Captivity
Box 461 – 1755 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 3B7 CANADA
E-mail: nwic [at] vcn [dot] bc [dot] ca (NoWhalesInCaptivityBC)
Twitter:  @NWICBC
Hashtags: #EmptyTheTanks


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