The Condo Game, CBC documentary on Toronto – cautionary tale for all Canadians, communities

CBC The Condo Game link Nov 2013The Condo Game aired on CBC at 9 pm November 21, 2013. It is about Toronto, but is significant for Vancouver and the entire Metro Vancouver region. The CBC site carries a link to the video, plus an interview with director Helen Slinger, and a user’s guide. [CityHallWatch comment: Are City Halls enabling a global commodities play and even money laundering with our cities’ land and communities? It is up to City Councils and staff to protect the public from these kinds of things. In Metro Vancouver, how are they doing?] View documentary online:

Excerpts of CBC’s introduction:

[The Condo Game] examines the forces at play behind the fastest moving condo market in North America – Toronto – and discovers that the glittering glass hides a sea of troubles. The first startling revelation for many people will be how very much the condo market is focused on investor profit, not affordable housing. One expert even says that it’s really not a housing market but a commodities play. And that means that average Canadians, looking for a primary residence, are inadvertently joining a game for which they don’t have the rule book.

  • Although the documentary focuses primarily on Toronto, as it unfolds warning bells will be ringing loud and clear for cities and condo-owners across Canada…
  • Condo broker Charles “King Cobra” Hanes says downtown condos are “more a commodities play than a housing market”.
  • During boom times, like in Toronto around 2011, developers race to take advantage of the market and the quality of construction can suffer…
  • Then, as tall towers age, maintenance issues can become a nightmare…
  • And the condo game can affect the very shape of a city – with too many eyes on the money, and not enough on sound city planning… 
  • Toronto is at a tipping point. And the city’s condo story is a cautionary tale for all Canadians and their communities…
  • The Condo Game was produced by Helen Slinger and directed by Lionel Goddard and Helen Slinger.

ABOUT THE USER’S GUIDE (Download from CBC site)

Are you sure you want to buy that condo?
A User’s Guide to Navigating the Condo Market – From An Architectural Perspective

Excerpt: With Vancouver’s leaking windows and Toronto’s falling balcony
glass, today’s condominiums seem to be crumbling before our eyes.
Fueled by rising home prices, swelling urban centers and a desire
for maintenance-free living, the housing market is responding
with an increasing number of quickly constructed units. As the
range of units grows, it’s important to consider your options as a
buyer. Bringing together the best available data on condominium
construction and ownership, this guide will help you better
understand your choices and needs as you consider your condo

3 thoughts on “The Condo Game, CBC documentary on Toronto – cautionary tale for all Canadians, communities

  1. When politicians’ election campaign are openly or surreptitiously funded without limit by developers, the fox is essentially running the hen house.
    Mr. Todarian can afford to sanctify Vancouver’s situation as if it was holy as he was ousted a year ago just short of his tenure, by politicians eager to run the department unimpeded.
    In Vancouver there is still no alternative ownership for multifamily residential buyers, who has to rely on the Strata Council to administrate the expensive envelope repairs. Many stratas end up in court with the developer to get funding for the repairs despite Home Protection Office.
    Glass wall may be good for commercial office towers, but glass has very slow R-value, thus heat gain in the summer & heat loss in the winter, so you pay to cool & heat the place 365.25 days a year.
    Heat pumps still need electricity, unless the architect designed in cross flow ventilation, how can u be truly energy efficient?
    When the glass shatters or fall off, u have no exterior wall ! Wouldn’t that be great in a city famous for rain & waiting for the big shake!

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