Bike/pedestrian route proposed – Kits Beach to Jericho – Park Board Oct 7

Park Board report Kits 7-Oct-2013(To be updated further – download poster for citizens’ event 20 October SAVE KITS BEACH Poster, event 20-Oct-2013) This is a hot-button topic coming to the Vancouver Park Board on Monday, October 7, starting at 7 pm. Back in 2012, the idea of a seawall from Kits Beach to Jericho Beach, involving the intrigue of an “anonymous” $10 million donation offered, and the controversy about restricting vehicle traffic along Point Grey Road and Cornwall for bike lanes and what some have called the creation of a private park for the rich — these have set a lot of people on edge. Push-back, a petition, and the desire of many to preserve the original natural foreshore (see history, our coverage, and Mel Lehan letter) appear to have resulted in that area being left alone, but some people may find this proposal rewards rich property owners along the route. Cyclists will rejoice. Others, along routes where traffic is being rerouted, are already starting to suffer (see story about 4th Ave. merchants). Total budget for Phase 1 is $2.2 million. Details below.

Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-g Kits-Jericho total route PHOTO Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-0 overall general photo Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-a-complete route proposed map Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-b Seaforth Park exiting Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-c Seaforth Park proposed Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-d Tatlow, Volunteer Parks Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-e Hastings Mill Park Park Board report Kits report 7-Oct-2013-f Jericho Beach Park

Nerves were jolted when the print version of the Vancouver Courier hit the streets this week, proclaiming on Page 1: “Park board considers seaside path – bike/pedestrian path to go from Kits to Jericho.” But apparently the headline was not entirely accurate. The revised online version was corrected to say “Work to begin on separated bike/pedestrian paths in Hadden and Kits Beach parks – Public input showed safety a concern with shared pathways.” And the photo caption says, “New separated bike and pedestrian pathways through Kits Beach and Hadden parks are just some of the park board’s proposed Seaside Greenway improvements.” Below is the exact text of the staff recommendation, plus details on budget, schedule, links to the staff report, and summary points of the Courier article.

Link to staff report: Park Board, Report_SeasideGreenwayImprovements-07-10-2013


The Point Grey-Cornwall Active Transportation Corridor seeks to close the gap in the Seaside Greenway, and link it with Burrard Bridge. This report seeks approval of two sections of bike path in Seaforth Park and Jericho Beach Park, approval of a Phase 1 upgrade to the Seaside Greenway in Hadden and Kitsilano Beach parks, and consideration of Phase 2 upgrades in Hadden, Kitsilano Beach, Tatlow, Volunteer and Jericho Beach parks as part of the capital planning process for the 2015-2017 Capital Plan.


  • A. THAT the Board approve the new bike paths in Seaforth and Jericho Beach Parks, to be funded from the Council-approved budget for the Point Grey-Cornwall Active Transportation Corridor.
  • B. THAT the Board approve the Phase 1 Seaside Greenway improvements in Hadden and Kitsilano Beach parks, to be funded from the 2012-2014 Capital Plan, subject to Board and Council approval of the 2014 Capital Budget:
      • i. $1.6 Million from Seawall, Upgrade of Waterfront Walkway/Bikeway in West Point Grey; and
      • ii. Up to $0.6 Million from Parks and Open Spaces, Conversion of Street into Mini-parks.
  • C. THAT the Board approve consideration of Phase 2 Seaside Greenway improvements in Hadden, Kitsilano Beach, Tatlow, Volunteer and Jericho Beach parks as part of the capital planning process for the 2015-2017 Capital Plan.

Agenda for the October 7, 2013 meeting:

PDF file, staff report on Seaside Greenway Improvements

Selected points of Vancouver Courier article by Sandra Thomas.

  • A report going to the park board Oct. 7, details the work that will take place as part of the Seaside Greenway, including separated pedestrian and bike paths in Hadden and Kits Beach parks.
  • Also included in the report is a recommendation to begin phase one of a project that, if approved, will eventually see a permanent waterfront pedestrian/bike path connect Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks.
  • Vision Vancouver park board chair Sarah Blyth said the pathway will pave the way for a permanent route. Whether that means an extension of the seawall is yet to be determined. “We want to look at how this section goes,” said Blyth. “If this meets the needs of cyclists and pedestrians it could be another way to get along that route and connect the seawall.”
  • The report describes phase one as a small bike path proposed to connect with the new separated bike lane under construction on the north side of West Point Grey Road with the waterfront pathway in Jericho Beach Park, bypassing the busy pedestrian area at the concession stand.
  • Phase two of that project is envisioned as separated bike and pedestrian pathways “along the waterfront to Spanish Banks Park.”
  • The report added as part of phase one, West Point Grey Road will be closed to vehicle traffic between Tatlow and Volunteer parks and the existing road pavement will be deconstructed, while new curbs, a bike path and green space will be added.
  • Phase two includes a project to daylight Tatlow Creek in Volunteer Park and that a new accessible pedestrian pathway to the beach be constructed. At Hastings Mill Park, the existing perpendicular parking in the street adjacent to the park will be changed to parallel parking separated by a new bike path and existing sidewalk.

– See more at:


Given the objective of completing a functional greenway upgrade in Hadden and
Kitsilano Beach parks before summer 2014, time is of the essence. The proposed schedule is

  1. Park Board Approval: October 7, 2013
  2. Completion of 2-D design: October 31, 2013
  3. Procurement of 3-D consultant: November 15, 2013
  4. Completion of 3-D design: February 15, 2014
  5. Completion of construction: May 16, 2014
  • Phase 1 works include a new 3.5 m separated paved bicycle path, adjustments to some existing pedestrian pathways, some sections of new pedestrian pathways, relocation of various park amenities like water fountains, benches, picnic tables, added bicycle parking, playground fence, some landscaping. Recommendation B is seeking Park Board approval for these Phase 1 greenway improvements.
  • Phase 2 will require more public engagement and address existing deficiencies in the pedestrian pathways , unsatisfactory pavement conditions, opportunities for park enhancements, added amenities, and lighting. Recommendation C is seeking to enter this project into the capital planning process for 2015-2017.

Based on the conceptual 2-D design, the Phase 1 works are estimated to cost $2.2
Million. Staff are proposing that the source of funding be $1.6 Million from the 2012-
2014 Capital Plan allocation for Seawall: Upgrade of waterfront walkway/bikeway in
West Point Grey. This money was intended for a similar project, separating pathways
along the westerly beaches starting in Jericho Beach Park. Staff propose that the money
be re-prioritised for the Hadden and Kitsilano Beach parks location, and that the
pathways along the westerly beaches be reconsidered in a future capital planning process.

A further $0.6 Million is requested from the 2012-2014 Capital Plan allocation for Parks
and Open Spaces: Conversion of street into mini-parks. There is sufficient money to do
the current projects in that category, and to provide some funding for the Hadden and
Kitsilano Beach parks pathways.

Since all 2013 expenditures for this project (3-D consultant fees) can be funded from
existing capital sources, the full budget of $2.2 Million will be requested to be included
in the 2014 Capital Budget, to be approved by Park Board and City Council before the
end of the year.

At the end of February, a more precise construction cost estimate will be available based
on the completed 3-D design and construction documents.

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