Merchants on 4th Ave – East of MacDonald – Rise in protest due to Point Grey Road traffic

CoV Burrard Cornwall intersection before after Aug 2013(Updated) The merchants on 4th Avenue east of MacDonald were given notice that all parking for a block or more is about to be removed to accommodate 4th Avenue turns, due to increased traffic caused by the diversion of Point Grey Road traffic. Merchants are concerned that the changes, not previously discussed, could kill their businesses. The City called a meeting on October 3, attended by about seven engineers from City Hall, and by the six merchants or so who were able to attend. Municipal lawyer Jonathan Baker reports on the meeting in his blog post, “The Bike Lane Engineer.”

A meeting was held at the invitation of City Staff at 7 pm, Thursday, October 3, 2013
Kitsilano Library – 2425 MacDonald Street, Vancouver

More details on the meeting will be reported when available. Below is the City’s official invitation to local merchants.

CoV invitation, merchants re 4th ave parking, 3-Oct-2013

One thought on “Merchants on 4th Ave – East of MacDonald – Rise in protest due to Point Grey Road traffic

  1. I am sure that this is just the beginning of “hidden consequences” of the Point Grey Road decision. Welcome to “Vision-Land”. And remember this is all so that the Mayor and the bike lobby can advertise that Vancouver has another N kilometers of segregated bike lanes when in this case a perfectly good “share the road” route on West 3rd has been in existence and used for years. Again, welcome to the City of dogma and follow-the-pack thinking, rather than pragmatic livability.

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