R.I.P. Ridge Theatre 1950-2013

Ridge Theatre Sept 26, 2013The past week marked the passing of a Vancouver landmark. The Ridge Theatre is being demolished along with the Varsity Ridge Bowling alley. We’ve documented the passing of this heritage theatre in photos.

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The Georgia Straight article Saying goodbye to the Ridge Theatre documents the last film festival at the theatre (the comments section is also worth checking out). The final screening was held on February 3rd, 2013.

The Development Permit Board approved a new condo development on the site at a meeting on October 22, 2012. The board ignored the petition signed by over 10,000 residents to save the Bowling Alley. The City of Vancouver approved the sale of public land to enlarge the new condo development site. Further details are in our previous posts: Decision on Arbutus Ridge deferred to Oct 22 in face of public opposition , Arbutus Ridge Development and Huge turnout expected for Ridge Oct 9 DP Hearing as 10,000 sign petition.

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