Major citywide rally at City Hall set for Sept 24, eve of community plan report to Council – Neighbourhoods uniting in rebellion

Rally PosterA citywide rally is planned at the steps of City Hall on Tuesday, September 24, starting at 5:45pm.
Residents from all across Vancouver are coming to join forces in a strong show of solidarity. Download flyer to print and circulate: Poster-CHW-letter-24-Sep-2013

The rally will be held on the eve of Director of Planning Brian Jackson’s report back to City Council on whether to extend the timelines and make changes to four planning processes currently underway in the Downtown Eastside, the Marpole, Grandview-Woodland, and the West End. Grassroots neighbourhood groups have held large gatherings over the last few months, and residents all over the city have expressed significant misgivings about the draft plans. Many speakers are expected to speak to Council on Jackson’s report on September 25 (unless City chooses to reject requests to speak).

Residents from Marpole and other neighbourhoods will start gathering at Broadway and Cambie between 5 and 5:15pm on September 24th. After direct action on the street, the crowd plans to march to City Hall.

The rally will start with speeches at 5:45 pm on the south side of City Hall (facing 12th Avenue). The speeches will end around 6:30 pm. During and after the rally residents plan to ‘make some noise’. Mayor and Council will be present at City Hall for a Public Hearing for 5 rezonings, which starts at 6 pm. This evening will be an opportunity for both politicians and City staff to witness the rally and gauge the temperature of neighbourhood sentiments.

Rally Nov 16, 2012Everyone who has been affected by any of the recent planning decisions made by Vancouver City Hall is encouraged to attend. To join the activities or for other community representatives to request to speak to the gathering, please write

More information will be available about the citywide rally in the coming days. Please also see the websites for the Grandview-Woodland Area Council blog and for Marpole.

Stop Marpole Rezoning Group photoCommunity Forum July 8 GWAC

5 thoughts on “Major citywide rally at City Hall set for Sept 24, eve of community plan report to Council – Neighbourhoods uniting in rebellion

  1. Got a copy of the flyer shown at the top of the page and looked all over it to find a ‘www’ that I could get me to your home page! Down at the bottom you have something but it’s undecipherable. In the 21st century electronic age we must make it easer to find info about your important and timely event(s)! See you there.

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