UBC committees discussed Regional Context Statement on May 30. Next is board of governors June 4

UBC regional context statement, BOG, 4-June-2013We are tracking some local governments as case studies of how the Regional Growth Strategy and Regional Context Statement work through the administrative pipeline. The University of British Columbia is an important part of the regional puzzle and is seen by Metro Vancouver as an “affected local government.”

The purpose of the RCS is to describe the relationship between UBC’s existing Land Use Plan and Metro’s latest regional growth strategy: Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping Our Future.

A joint meeting of the  Property and Planning Committee and Finance Committee of UBC’s Board of Governors met on May 30, 2013. The RCS was on the agenda. On June 4, the BOG is expected to adopt an important report of the consultation on this important long-term planning document for the university lands — with a thirty-year time frame.

Agenda: http://bog.ubc.ca/files/2013/05/AGE-SC-2013.05.30-0529-2.pdf%5D

Excerpt of staff report to BOG: IT IS HEREBY REQUESTED that the Property & Planning Committee recommend that the Board of Governors authorize the Administration to forward the amended Regional Context Statement to the GVRD Chief Planning Officer for written comments on the
relationship between the amended Regional Context Statement and the GVRD’s Regional Growth Strategy.

Here is a link to the 33-page staff report on public consultation, including comments received. It is to go before the Board of Governors on June 4: http://bog2.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2013/05/3.3_2013.06_Regional-Context-Statement.pdf

MetroVanWatch received a report that no changes were made in response to any community comments. We have heard of some concerns about population projections in the long term plan, as they affect many aspects of the plan. When asked about including students in population numbers, Nancy Knight, Associate Vice-President, Planning at the University of British Columbia, apparently “passed the buck” and said the numbers were Metro Vancouver’s idea. Metro has reportedly not returned inquiries on this matter. On this topic of population projections and their implications, see our previous post UBC Regional Context Statement – deadline TODAY for public input.

The Ubyssey, the university’s newspaper, reported from the meeting from their @Ubysseynews handle and carries some statements from Nancy Knight.

From the report to the June 4, 2013, BOG meeting, we note what we believe is an exceedingly low amount of public input on such an important document: Participation in the public consultation process was as follows: 

  • 35 questionnaires were submitted online
  • A total of 5 people attended the Public Open House held on April 23rd
  • 1 letter submission was received. 

Our comment: Five people! This is a familiar phenomenon in local governments’ handling of consultation on the RCS and RGS. Events are under-advertised, and the implications of these important planning documents are poorly explained. Most people don’t have a clue what is going in right on their doorstep.

Attachment 2: Regional Context Statement Process and Schedule

  • April 2013 – Board approval of process to prepare updated regional context statement
  • April 2013 – GVRD staff comments on updates;
  • May 2013 – opportunity for community comment on updated regional context statement, through on line posting for two weeks and holding an open house; engagement with Musqueam
  • June 2013 – Board referral of regional context statement to Chief Planning Official at GVRD for comment
  • September 2013 – Board receipt and consideration of comments from GVRD Chief Planning Official; referral of updated regional context statement to public hearing
  • October 2013 – Public hearing on updated regional context statement
  • November 2013 – Board receipt of Public Hearing report and consideration memo; Board approval of final regional context statement and referral to Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for final adoption
  • 2014 – Ministerial adoption of updated regional context statement

The dates in this schedule from September 2013 onward are subject to change, as other organizations become involved in the process. Discussions are underway at the staff level with the GVRD regarding the anticipated schedule for the GVRD Chief Planning Official’s review to assist with project planning.

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