Public Hearing May 15th – 3002 West Broadway, 1300 Richards, 1107 Seymour

3002-3036 West BroadwayA Public Hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday May 15th, starting at 6pm at City Hall.

The first item on the agenda is a 5-storey building on the Toybox store half block site at 3002-3036 West Broadway. The proposal requests a 60.7′ (18.5m) high building with a FSR of 3.37, the site is currently zoned as C-2C. A total of 83 market rental units are requested under the ‘Son-of-STIR’ Rental 100 policy. The ground floor would have commercial uses. Further information on the project can be found on the city’s website. The Open House held last fall was well attended and it’s expected that Kitsilano residents will turn up in good numbers to voice their opinions about this rezoning.

1300-1320 Richards StreetA 43-storey tower is proposed for 1300-13200 Richards Street that is being reviewed as the second item at the Public Hearing. This project submitted by Dialog on behalf of Wall Financial Corporation would have an overall density of 12.32 FSR, contain 258 units, 258 parking spaces and have retail uses at grade. With a total height of 415′ (126.5m) there will be a impact on public views of the North Shore. The height is just below the maximum allowed under the viewcone from QE Park. Current Downtown District zoning allows for maximum height of 300′ and a density of 3.0FSR. The proposed building is 13-17 storeys taller than the existing tall buildings near the site. Further information on this proposal is available on the city’s website. There is another rezoning application on the same block for a 42-storey tower by Onni at 1396 Richards Street with a floor space ratio of 8.6.

The third and final item at the Public Hearing is a rezoning for a 15-storey building at 1107 Seymour Street. A 165′ (50.3m) building would have a FSR of 9.22, and increase from the 5.0 FSR currently allowed. A total of 81 social housing units are proposed on a 9,000 sq ft (836 sqm) site. Further information is available on the planning department rezoning centre website here.

1300 Richards Street

Rezoning signs for 1300-1320 Richards Street (above) at Public Hearing, for 1396 Richards Street next door (below – ongoing rezoning).

1396 Richards Street
1300 block Richards Street:
1300 Richards Street

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