Casa Mia (rezoning for 1920 SW Marine Drive, community care facility) Open House Monday, April 22

Casa Mia proposal open house 22-April-2013

The City is sponsoring the following Open house for a rezoning application.

Open House, Rezoning, “Casa Mia” (1920 Southwest Marine Drive)
Monday, April 22, 2013, from 5 to 8 pm
Location: St. Stephen’s Church (54th Avenue and Granville Street)

Official information from the applicant and City of Vancouver:

The public is encouraged to look at the plans, ask questions and give opinions. CityHallWatch provides extra information to support the local community. What Vancouver needs is respectful dialogue. We quote land use attorney Bill Adams, from Ten Rules for Smarter Smart Growth: “Purge the term NIMBY from your language and your thinking. It stultifies any further understanding of community concerns, or how to reach a compromise.”

Here are some points from an e-mail CityHallWatch has obtained from a concerned citizen:

This handout outlines some concerns raised by neighbours and others in the community. 13.04.18 – Mail Out Compressed

  • The entire south side/escarpment of SW Marine falls under the official City of Vancouver Land Use and Development Policies and Guidelines for Southlands.
  • Many residents of the area are concerned about the current rezoning implications of 1920 SW Marine Drive. If the re-zoning were approved it would be precedent setting for the Southlands Community and all future large properties potentially being developed within Southlands. Massive re-zoning without due care and respect for the neighbourhood should be a great concern to everyone in Southlands and in particular the Bleinheim Flatlands, where there are a number of larger properties which are sure to be developed at some point.
  • The proposal requests allowances to build what amounts to a 3-storey apartment building in the yard at 1920 SW Marine Dr. (Casa Mia).
  • Some in the community feel that this rezoning application is problematic for these reasons:
  1. The immense scale and size of the proposed building are not compatible with the neighbourhood zoning.
  2. It could set a precedent for re-zoning within Southlands.
  3. The Southlands Guidelines have been ignored/overlooked/disregarded in this proposal.
  • Opponents are not opposed to the proposed use of the property as a care facility, but the enormous size of the building and rezoning. A smaller scale community care facility could easily be accommodated on the site while respecting the points clearly set out in the Southlands Guidelines. 
  • This rezoning issue greatly affects all of Southlands and the character of neighbourhoods as outlined in the Southlands Guidelines.

Members of the community have created a website, with relevant links, including official Southlands Policies & Guidelines and Southlands Plan:

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