Photos and observations of Feb 21st Open House for Westbank’s 52-storey tower proposal

Brent Toderian pictured 'getting into the model'
An Open House was held on February 21st to show a proposal that includes a 52-storey tower at the north end of the Granville bridge. The photographs here are included as a record of the event. For a more detailed analysis and a list of serious policy concerns, please see our previous article on the proposal at 1412-1460 Howe Street. The city’s website contains a subset of the materials shown at the event and a questionnaire.

Aside from neighbouring residents, members the development industry were also out in full force. Attendees included architects, former planners, development consultants and lobbyists. There were complaints by neighbours that the location was inconvenient for them, and that it was held too early (a previous Open House was held April 4, 2013 at 1379 Howe 5-8pm).

East Tower Rendering Granville Bridge

One of the noticeable details was the way that other tall buildings that do not even exist as rezoning applications were shown in both the model and on renderings. For example, a tower only a few storeys lower than the proposal was shown in a symmetrical site east of the Granville Bridge (above), on publicly-owned land.

East Tower height comparison

The proposed podium and the 6-storey buildings between the Granville Bridge off ramps would significantly alter the streetscape:

Pacific (streetscape) Granville Street off ramp west side Base off ramp and tower Off-ramps for Granville Bridge

Below are a few more photos of the model, from various views. Again note that the model has several buildings in the around the Granville Street Bridgehead that are unbuilt and are not even in at a rezoning proposal stage:
Model includes context that doesn't exist yetnon-existent buildings in model Extra context Rendering from booklet Model tower from southwest balcony detail Panel
Granville Bridgehead, off-ramps model of 52-storey tower proposal (lit)

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