Bowling and Bike Share at Park Board meeting November 26

The Park Board agenda for the upcoming meeting on November 26th includes two topics for discussion that will both generate significant interest – public bike share and recreational bowling. The meeting will begin at 7pm at Park Board HQ at 2099 Beach Avenue located beside Stanley Park.

The first item Public Bike Share in Parks is the review of a staff report on the request to use park land for this program (for an estimated 12-13 bike share stations out of 125 total). The report states that the city has already selected Alta Bicycle Share as an operator (with a non-binding LOI), although it is unclear what the rationale was for choosing this company over their competitors. There’s also no further information on the anticipated public subsidy that would be required to run the program. The first phase of the project would see bike share stations installed in the downtown peninsula and in the West Broadway area (Arbutus to Main). The locations plan for bike share stations would almost entirely exclude East Vancouver. For more details please see our earlier post on bike share issues here.

The second significant topic up for discussion is the question of supporting bowling as a recreational sport. The motion Recreational Family Bowling Center includes a request that staff report back on Park Board options to provide a Bowling facility. The motion acknowledges “The Varsity Ridge Bowling Centre will be demolished as part of the site’s redevelopment” and it is a clear attempt to see how a future Park Board facility could meet the needs of bowlers. A separate motion, the Review of Bowling as a Recreational Activity is far more limited in action, with a mere call to include bowling as a one of many activities considered “as part of the 2013-2014 recreational review/analysis”.

The recent DP Board approval of the plans to build a 4-storey condo complex at Arbutus Ridge will result in the demolition of the existing Varsity Ridge Bowling Centre (see background articles here, here and here). Back on October 16th, Vision Vancouver members of council refused to even hear Councillor Adriane Carr’s motion Family Bowling Centre on Vancouver’s West Side. The 16 residents who had signed up to speak then were not given an opportunity to address council at that time; perhaps several of these residents will have a chance to address Park Board instead.

Registering to speak at Park Board is done by contacting the Meeting Coordinator at 604-257-8453 by 12 noon before the Nov 26th scheduled meeting (you may leave a voice recording after hours). Further details on speaking to the Board are on the Park Board website here.

2 thoughts on “Bowling and Bike Share at Park Board meeting November 26

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