Shannon Mews & Marine Landing at Development Permit Board July 16

The highly controversial Shannon Mews development and the Marine Landing project will be at the Development Permit Board on July 16th at 3pm in the Town Hall room on the 1st floor of City Hall. Further information on these projects is available from the links on the meeting agenda page; there is also information on how to sign up to speak.

The Shannon Mews proposal would be for a ‘Phase I’ of the development along Granville Street, north of 57th. The rezoning for this site was approved on July 29th, 2011 at 2:10am in the morning by 6 members of Vision Vancouver who voted in favour of the development at council after a marathon public hearing. Vancouver Courier covers this story: ( A quote from this story: “There is a huge concern in the community. We’re all upset about it. We realize we lost hugely with the council decision in July 2011,” said [SMNA] association member Gunther Schrack. “So the concern has not gone—not at all, of course not. It’s still a spot rezoning no matter how you look at it.”

CityHallWatch comment: See Shannon Mews Neighbours Association for local opinion ( Also, search “Shannon Mews” and “Wall Financial” on CityHallWatch for previous stories. This case is one in which (1) the developer is a major political campaign contributor, (2) the residents were well organized and largely opposed to the project, (3) there appeared to be many flaws in the proposal, (4) there appeared to be an inappropriately close relationship between the developer and the City’s Planning Department, and (5) the developer-funded civic party (Vision Vancouver) ignored neighbourhood input and voted as a bloc to approve the rezoning. CityHallWatch organized a rally on July 26, 2011 to support the Shannon Mews neighbourhood, with speakers from across the city, and attended by about 150 people. All media were invited. Only the Georgia Straight reported. See report and video here.

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