CityCaucus blog by Mike Klassen and Daniel Fontaine retires after 5 million page views, 1,304 days. CityHallWatch wishes them the best

Today Vancouver civic watchers got a surprise announcement by co-founders Mike Klassen and Daniel Fontaine that they had decided to retire their blog after 5 million page views and 1,304 days of operation. CityHallWatch expresses appreciation for their contribution to Vancouver, and wishes them the best.

CityCaucus was probably the top blog covering civic issues in Vancouver for the past few years, particularly during the 2008-2011 council term, and provided an important public service –with information, analysis, breaking stories, and the opportunity for public comments. Klassen and Fontaine covered both high-profile media stories and many that escaped the notice of mainstream media. They helped Vancouver a chance to look in the mirror, to learn about and understand itself.

CityHallWatch wishes them both the best in their future activities. We do hope that CityCaucus will keep its online archives, as they are constantly a valuable source of information.

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