138 E. Hastings (Pantages Theatre Site) at DPB April 23, 3pm

The Development Permit Board will review the Sequel 138 proposal on the site of the former Pantages Theatre on Monday. The proposal calls for the construction of 97 condo units in a development with a density of 3.70 FSR. The review will take place at City Hall at 3pm on April 23. You can register to speak to the review board for up to 5 minutes by calling the DPB Assistant at 604-873-7469 or by sending an email to lorna.harvey@vancouver.ca

Further information on the proposal can be found on the City’s website here, or at Carnegie Community Action Project or the DTES is not for Condo Developers site here. A rally at City Hall at 2:15pm on Monday is planned prior to the start of the DP Board meeting. DTES residents are also meeting at the Carnegie Centre 1:15 pm and plan to travel together to City Hall for the rally and meeting. Further details are posted in the following event: http://www.facebook.com/events/336858196368682.

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