Special UDP meeting on 493′ Granville Loops tower Wed April 11, 11:30am

The Urban Design Panel will be holding a special meeting to review the design for a 493′ (150m) tower proposed at 1412-1460 Howe St. The development also contains several smaller infill buildings around the northern Granville Bridgehead.

Time: 11:30am, Wednesday April 11, City Hall (1st floor Town Hall meeting room)

A 49-storey tower of 493′ at the Granville Loops would effectively break the ‘dome shaped skyline’ policy by allowing a tall building away from the central business district and near False Creek. It would also intrude upon the most important protected view corridor in the city, the view from Queen Elizabeth Park. The protected QE Park viewcone provides broad view protection for many other public views of the North Shore Mountains throughout the city.

On April 4th, an Open House was held for the public. Online comments can be submitted and the display boards can be viewed on the City of Vancouver’s website here.

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