As City holds Open House for “Hastings Park / PNE Planning” on Feb 22, “Friends” demand promised Governance Review

[Updated 20-Feb-2012 with message from Friends of Hastings Park. See below] The City of Vancouver will be holding an Open House for Hastings Park on Feb 22 between 1 and 9pm (100 North Renfrew, Pacific Coliseum). The discussions will centre around the development of park spaces and greenways in response to the Hastings Park & PNE Master Plan passed by council in 2010. Topics include the connection to New Brighton, the Creekway Park and the daylighted stream, changes to Empire Field and Plateau Park. Background information can be found on the websites of the City and Friends of Hastings Park.

The Friends of Hastings Park message to supporters on 20-Feb-2012 went as follows:

Dear Friends of Hastings Park,

City Hall is holding another open house regarding Hastings Park that will be held this Wednesday, February 22, from 1 pm to 9 pm at the Pacific Coliseum (100 N. Renfrew St., main entrance. Free bike and vehicle parking are available on site).

The Friends of Hastings Park steering committee is concerned that the city is holding another open house prior to holding meetings with community stakeholders, including residents of Hastings Sunrise, to commence the promised ‘Governance Review’ of Hastings Park. (For your reference, the motion that city council passed unanimously promising the ‘Governance Review’ appears below).

As stated previously, Open Houses are not the proper forum for the kind of input and discussion that is needed during the ‘Governance Review‘. If this also concerns you please let City Staff and Councillors know that you want meetings that will permit the Governance Review to commence in earnest now with all the stakeholders invited to participate in a legitimate process.

Whether you attend the open house, or not, please send emails to Mayor and each Councillor telling them we want the Governance Review of Hastings Park to begin. Find their individual email addresses here.


City Council motion unanimously passed October 6, 2011:
Hastings Park Governance
Moved by Councillor Suzanne Anton
Seconded by Councillor Raymond Louie


1. Council approved the Hastings Park/Pacific National Exhibition Master Plan on December 14, 2010:

2. At the same time, Council requested staff to report back on a governance review for Hastings Park and the PNE;

3. There has been little to no engagement of the local neighbourhood by City officials since the Master Plan was presented this year.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT staff be requested to engage Hastings Park stakeholders immediately to commence the process of determining the long term governance of Hastings Park.

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