375′ Tower at Davie and Burrard in the works?

A model and drawings depicting a 375′ tower at Davie Street and Burrard have appeared on a number of occasions over the past year. Yet there is no official information on a rezoning application at this site. Currently the property contains a community garden at the northwest corner of Davie and Burrard in the West End, and it is owned by Prima Properties (135) Ltd. (No. 675072). This site is one of the 8 places identified for a taller building, a policy passed by council (8-3) on February 1st, 2011 despite the major impacts on views of the North Shore Mountains. This is the former site of a Shell gas station, and is currently the Davie Village Community Garden (giving the property owner significantly-reduced property taxes). The company representative spoke at the July 28, 2011 (date corrected — this was Standing Committee of Council on Planning and Environment on Thursday, 28-Jul-2011), council meeting regarding a community planning process for the West End, indicating that he was unhappy the Council motion that day would limit his options to make a rezoning proposal (STIR project?) during the process. Councillor Raymond Louie quickly complied by making the “Louie Amendment,” paving the way for Prima to go ahead with the application. His amendment appears to go directly against the wishes of over 12,000 people who signed the West End Neighbours‘ “No Rezoning Without a Comprehensive Plan” petition.

The Urban Design Panel meeting on June 16th, 2011 evaluated the nearby 550′ skyscraper proposal at Drake and Hornby (‘Burrard Gateway’). At this meeting a context model depicted a 375′ tower at Davie and Burrard. During the course of the UDP meeting there were discussions about solar access for the northwest corner of Davie and Burrard, as it would be impacted by the tallest tower in the Burrard Gateway proposal. A computer sketch model was independently constructed based on this model photograph (pictured). The higher buildings study also evaluated a 400′ tower at this site, although the final height in the report was 375′ (this height does not include architectural appurtenances, elevator penthouses and so on, but rather it is to the top of the final occupied floor). Pictured below are two images showing a scene with and without a tower at 1157 Davie Street in Google Earth:


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