Initial Report: “Enhancing Community Planning” Open House (July 7): Impacts on Vancouver’s future?

The City organized this event on July 7. It is part of a critical process that will have profound impacts on Vancouver neighbourhoods, civic finances, and all players in the development game. Staff aim to present their recommendations to City Council on July 28.

“Enhancing Community Planning” Open House
Thursday, July 7, 2011, from 4 to 7 pm
Mount Pleasant Community Centre

Download presentation panels (these will reportedly also be up on the City website soon)

This month, City staff will likely be presenting recommendations to City Council about how to carry out consultations and develop new community plans in several neighbourhoods of Vancouver, including Grandview-Woodland, Marpole, the West End, Kitsilano, and Fairview. There will be implications for the West End and everyone in Vancouver. In the context of Vancouver’s lingering pride in its former community consultation processes, this initiative by City staff is very important and deserves public attention.

The open house on July 7 was an informal drop-in format. City staff had display panels and a printout available reviewing themes from a May 7 workshop about community planning processes. Staff will be proposing to City Council ways to modify these processes. The meeting was open to the public, but main invitees were participants of the May 7 workshop. CityHallWatch will report further soon with commentary we have received.

City’s official site:

More info:

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