Hot this week of June 27, 2011 (City Council, UDP, Parks Board)

Here are some of the issues citizens may find of interest and concern this week in Vancouver City Council, Urban Design Panel, and Parks Board this week. We have only excerpted selected topics as a service to the public, and bold font is for extra attention. For full agendas and documents please visit the official websites. Vancouver is at

NOTE: The Public Hearing scheduled for July 6 appears to be cancelled.


DATE:     Tuesday, June 28, 2011
TIME:     9:30 am
PLACE:     Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall
Referred items:
1. Greenest City Neighbourhood Grants Allocation
2. 2011 Operating Budget and Capital Budget – 1st Quarter Review


DATE:     Thursday, June 30, 2011
TIME:     2:00 pm
PLACE:     Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall
Matters adopted on consent:
1. Seniors Health and Care
2. Single Room Accommodation Permit for 606 Powell Street (Drake Hotel)
3. 35 West Hastings Street (Palace Hotel) – Request for Injunctive Relief
4. 50 – 52 East Cordova Street (Wonder Rooms) – Request for Injunctive Relief


DATE:     Tuesday, June 28, 2011
TIME:     2:00 pm
PLACE:     Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall

Report reference:
1. 2012-2014 Capital Plan: Draft Plan
Patrice Impey, General Manager, Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer, will provide a Report Reference on the draft 2012-2014 Capital Plan.
Administrative reports:

General Administration
1. CD-1 Rezoning – 105-167 West 2nd Avenue
2. CD-1 Rezoning – 138 East 7th Avenue
3. CD-1 Rezoning: 8440 Cambie Street (Marine Gateway)
4. CD-1 Rezoning and Heritage Revitalization Agreement at 7101-7201 Granville Street (Shannon Mews)
CityHallWatch note: See our links at right side for citizen groups SMNA and MARA on the last two items.

5. A By-law to authorize Council entering into a Heritage Revitalization Agreement with the Owner of Heritage Property (2305 and 2325 West 7th Avenue – St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church and The Hay House)
6. A By-law to designate certain real property as protected heritage property (same address as #5)
7. A By-law to amend Zoning and Development By-law No. 3575 to rezone an area to CD-1 (970 Union Street)


DATE:     Thursday, June 30, 2011
TIME:     9:30 am
PLACE:     Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall
4. 2010 Annual Report on Public Benefits Achieved Through Approvals of Additional Density
5. Annual Report on Development Cost Levies – Collection, Allocation and Remaining Balance
CityHallWatch note: These are extremely important reports in terms of how deals are made with developers and affect neighbourhoods.



Wednesday, June 29, 4 pm

  • 1650 Quebec Street
  • 601-650 West 41st Avenue
  • 564 Beatty Street
  • 1460 Bute Street


CityHallWatch notes two motions (excerpts below).
One by Commissioner Blyth:
Therefore be it resolved that municipalities take a leadership role in requesting that senior governments make early care and learning a top priority by:

  • creating strong legislative frameworks;
  • significant new public investments to support the legislative frameworks;
  • consolidating Early Care and Learning into the provincial Ministry of Education;
  • establishing an accountability framework that includes developmentally appropriate play-based learning in the early years and ensures positive outcomes for children.

Also, the following motion was put forward by Commissioner Mackinnon:
Whereas there is a need within the City of Vancouver for citizens to fully enjoy public lands;
And whereas there are public spaces within the City that are not being used for useful purposes including verges, boulevards and empty lots;
And whereas the Park Board budget for maintaining these spaces has been reduced and a policy of naturalization of these spaces been adopted;
Be it resolved that the Park Board work with the City and its unions to identify underutilized public verges, boulevards and other spaces not already used as parkland, to partner with neighbourhood groups to use this land for neighbourhood gardens. And be it further resolved that the Park Board assist neighbourhood groups in the clearing of this land in preparation of the gardens.

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