Citizen’s Forum 27 Apr (Wed) on tower proposal Kingsway/Broadway/10th (Mt Pleasant)

A Citizen’s Forum to discuss the 19 storey tower proposal
CityHallWatch sponsored a local citizen-organized forum on April 27 (Wed) 2011 from 6:30 to 9 pm at St.Patrickʼs Parish Hall, 2881 Main Street. Speakers provided an outline of the STIR program, plus independent analysis of the proposed tower and high density block redevelopment at E. Broadway. Then there was an open discussion and organization session. will soon carry a report of the meeting, including materials presented. It was well-attended and produced an active discussion. For regular updates please follow

Download poster: Citizens Forum on Broadway Kingsway Tower, 27-April-2011
Download handout: Forum Handout Broadway Kingsway Tower, 27-April-2011

2 thoughts on “Citizen’s Forum 27 Apr (Wed) on tower proposal Kingsway/Broadway/10th (Mt Pleasant)

  1. I couldn’t make it to tonight’s Citizen’s Forum. One comment I want to make is if anybody else thinks the developers had always planned the tower to be 19 storeys. That’s already high and citizens would react to negatively to it. Strategically, I think they first proposed 26 storeys on “fake:. When everyone complained, they reduced to 19 storeys to make people “think” their voices were hear…when in fact the original design was 19 storeys. If they proposed 19 at first then they would have to go lower than that and thus would not be an ideal design.

    When I was at the last open house at Heritiage Hall, the developer and representatives there made fun of the fact that there were only 180 attendees at the first open house. Even though majority of them opposed, they felt 180 is not a “real” voice of the thousands of Vancouver residents.

    So my theory is they went from a “fake” 26 storeys to the “real” 19 storeys on purpose to make the opposers feel their voices were heard so they don’t get as hard of a time moving ahead with this project.


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