Little Mountain housing project years behind schedule, but what’s new now?

Here is a significant project that deserves more public attention, and is likely to get it in the coming weeks. We link to two articles below, with selected excerpts…

Little Mountain project years behind schedule” (in WestEnder, by Jessica Barrett, 16-Mar-2011). Excerpts: Nearly four years after residents of the city’s oldest social housing complex learned they’d be ousted to make way for redevelopment, progress at the Little Mountain Housing site appears to have stalled…“We’re in the middle of a consultation process that started in December 2009… and we’re still waiting to have all of the details,” she said. Steenhuisen added the delay is particularly irksome given that many of the nearly 800 former tenants on the site, built in 1954, could still be living there…Little Mountain residents fought a protracted battle against BC Housing and developer Holborn Properties following announcement of the redevelopment…They had pushed for phased construction and onsite relocation, or at least permission to remain in their homes until the project was closer to breaking ground.

And now we add considerable detail by Ned Jacobs in a post to Michael Geller’s blog. Excerpt: Advisory Group meeting has been scheduled for March 30 “to reconvene the group, provide updates, share information and begin the density and height explorations for the Little Mountain site.”… We need to have a frank and open discussion about the reasons for the impasse, and what—if anything—has been done to resolve it. BC Housing and Holborn must respond positively to Council’s request that the “key elements of their agreement” be disclosed, in order to allow for a meaningful planning process, even though it can no longer be timely. The alternative is a process that continues to be dogged by distrust and fraught with apprehension over where it is leading and when the long-delayed rebuilding of a community at Little Mountain might realistically begin.

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