1569 West 6th Ave REZONING — anatomy of the deal

150flrs-6, broadway granville

CityHallWatch simulation of what 1569 West 6th would look like from Broadway and Granville intersection. 

Watch out, Vancouver. At 150 storeys, this building is set to be the tallest in North America. Check out the rezoning sign. Look carefully. It does say 150! Is that wishful thinking? A typo? Or a Freudian slip? Probably just a typo, because other documents show this as being a rezoning for a 15-storey building.

Anyway, all typos aside, Vancouver, this is a great case study on how our city is functioning when it comes to important rezoning decisions, and time is of the essence. In a Public Hearing (click here for details) at City Hall, starting 7:30 pm, on Tuesday, October 19, our elected Mayor and Councillors will hear public comments and then vote on a proposed rezoning for a 15-storey tower at 1569 West 6th Avenue. City staff issued their report to council in September. It is supposed to contain all the information the public and council requires in order to evaluate this rezoning. What are this rezoning’s costs and what are the benefits for the people of Vancouver? Has due process been taken? Has adequate information been provided in a timely way? Are the proposed “density bonuses” reasonable? This site will let the public look at the details and weigh in. If you have comments, please provide them below. Or you could e-mail us at citizenYVR@gmail.com.

Henriquez Partners Architects and Westbank Projects Corp. and Peterson Group are key development players in city. They have partnered on many projects, and have a number of them in the works right now. How are they doing? Let’s look under the hood of this rezoning application.

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