Open House Feb 1: Wall Financial, 3 towers (10-12 storeys, 6.0 FSR) at 955 E. Hastings

OPEN HOUSE Wed, 1-Feb-2012, 4 – 7 pm (“drop-in” event)
920 East Hastings Street (Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre)

Rezoning Application – 955 East Hastings Street

GBL Architects, on behalf of Wall Financial, has applied to the City of Vancouver to rezone 955 East Hastings Street from M-1 (Industrial) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. The application proposes a mixed-use development including commercial and light industrial uses at street level and below, with residential in the upper floors. The form includes three mid-rise elements ranging from 10 to 12 storeys in height with a proposed density of 6.0 FSR. The residential component includes 282 market units and 70 non-market units.

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) approved by Metro Vancouver last year has provisions for the protection of Industrial Land. Does this proposal conflict with the intent of the RGS, or is it inline with the overall zoning for the area? For further information please consult and see section 2.2 in the Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw. Further information on the proposal and links to related documents are here.

One thought on “Open House Feb 1: Wall Financial, 3 towers (10-12 storeys, 6.0 FSR) at 955 E. Hastings

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